About Us

A little bit about Tim

Tim Ulvin is an expert in plumbing and radon measurement & mitigation, and has an expert background in heating, air conditioning, and sheet metal fabrication. He is the owner of Tim Ulvin Plumbing, Inc., established in 2000.

Prior to starting and owning his own business, he went to school at St. Paul Tech (St. Paul, Minnesota) for six years to become a Master Plumber. He worked at Budget Plumbing in Plymouth, Minnesota as an apprentice and journeyman for 5 years. He then moved to Park Rapids and worked for Knapp-Grover for 2 years before getting his Master Plumbing license and starting his own company.

In 2002 he added the heating and air conditioning division to the company. Tim also serves on the Board for Heartland Homes of Park Rapids, which owns several homes in the community that offer independent living for mentally deficient clients.

Tim’s ideal customers are homeowners, business-owners, contractors, and cabin-owners looking to hire a professional that provides quality craftsmanship and products; people who are looking for a contractor to do the job correctly, timely, and cleanly.

Tim and his team strive to provide QUALITY materials and equipment for a quality mechanical system that will last for years. He installs high quality products because he has to service them. Lesser quality products lead to more service calls and unhappy customers. It is important to him to have a good working relationship with his customers; a relationship that will LAST.

Tim, along with his wife and two daughters, enjoy their family outings in the spring gathering maple sap from a sugarbush north of Park Rapids and making their own maple syrup. He also enjoys bowling, flower gardening and woodworking projects.

Why hire Tim Ulvin Plumbing, Inc.?:

  • For the best system at a fair price.
  • Quality material and workmanship
  • Lasting, worry-free relationship
  • Cleanliness
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured, Certified
  • We give back to the community and support its schools and programs – Post Prom, Heartland Homes, Softball, Swimming, Hockey, Football, Education and Activities Foundation, etc.